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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As a nurse, how did you get interested in making/selling medical scrubs?

Answer: It was easy, LOL. As a nurse, it helped me to realize that the medical scrubs were not flexible and comfortable to work in. Yes, over 10 years the styles have improved drastically but the fit & durability of the fabric could never stand up to the test.

Not to mention, I LOVE FASHION!

  1. How did you come up with the name “Berani Femme”?

Answer: I wanted to choose a name that captured the exclusiveness of the vision and captured the attention of current and potential customers.  Since this is a medical scrub line that caters to women in healthcare and beyond who wear many hats, I felt that a brand name was needed that captures all of that.

“Berani” has multiple meanings such as courageous, brave, bold, and an infinite list of positive terms that can be described as attributes of a femme (woman). 

  1. Where are the orders shipped from?

Answer: Our orders are shipped from Pensacola, FL.

  1. How is the sizing of your medical scrubs?

Answer: The sizing of our medical scrubs are true to size. The sizing is comparable to the fit of brands such as greys anatomy, wink, Cherokee, and similar flexible brands.

  1. What colors do you have available?

Answer: As we are a new company, we will expand the colors weekly; however, if you would like to inquire about a color that is not listed then please use the “contact us” form. We will be glad to assist.


*Please send us any other questions that you have, the answers will be posted to FAQs